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Flashy Thing MIB Neuralyzer

2 usd

Flashy Thing – MIB Neuralyzer This is a funny application for all galaxy defenders. You might already know something great like this from "Men In Black – MIB III (Flashy Thing)" or other movies. It can be used like a weapon: to erase brain memory. The camera flashlight gets used to remove memories from the audience. Just aim in the augmented reality view at your target and flash them out. Please be careful when using, we won't take any responsibility for possible damage. To prevent memory loss, don't forget to wear black sunglasses!★ ☆ ✰ ONLY FOR A SHORT TIME✰ ☆ ★Even Will uses the Flashy Thing to hypnotize people ;-)
Newralizer Features:★ 2014 Design LED Flashlight Torch Light Effects★ Minutes, Hours, Days – Mode, Adjust Flash Mode★ 3 amazing flash sounds!★ New Picture Flash Effects★ More settings to customize your own Neuralyzer★ Automatic Foto will be taken after each flash★ Share your neuralyzed targets with your friends. (E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Sms, Bluetooth, Picasa, etc…)
In addition to this, the Neuralyzer is a fun app and won’t work in real life. However, this is a very nice and amusing application. Have fun and impress your friends with the MIB Neuralyzer. The Men In Black are Back in this App ;-) This application might not work on every device, because some phones don't have a back flashlight.(If the Neuralyzer does not work on your device, don't worry we will refund the costs)